Sunday, 5 August 2012

Blog Hop reveal

Sorry everyone we've had to jiggle the date of the Brit Pack Beaders Blog Hop reveal -We will now be posting all our designs on........

2 pieces already made and I'm working on the last today whilst watching more GB medals being won. Today is a good day!!!


  1. Greetings, Claire, and congrats on your invitation to join these other awesome designers on their latest undertaking. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's creations. By reading your earlier posts, I was able to deduce that you have a shop. I didn't immediately locate the link for it and navigated to your Blogger profile to find it. If I may be so bold, might I suggest adding a JavaScript button/badge to your blog, to indicate/link to your store? I tend to click on a graphic much more quickly, and I may not be the only one! (Your store has many pretties I've not seen previously, so I shall return.) I've followed you via GFC in order not to miss any of your future posts. Now go back to the Olympics and get cheering (I'm watching the equestrian events at the moment).

    1. Hello There Half-Baked Notion, thanks for the comment. I think you may just have a point about the link, I'm exactly the same and always look at images first. I'm a very new blogger and have no idea how to add a button/badge/link but I will investigate! Thank you for the advise. I'm watching the show jumping too, sadly no more golds for GB