Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The beads!

The bloomin beautiful Brit Pack Beaders challenge beads..

A little late in the day to post I know, but I always like to make an entrance! I received my first parcel about 2 weeks ago, however when we were figuring out the rules for the challenge, it was suggested that we put the parcels to one side and then open when we last one had arrived (which was mine, again making a late delivery) Can you possibly imagine having 4 little parcels containing who knows what beady delight sitting under your nose and having to resist tearing open the jiffy..... it was not easy but I did it.... right up until the point when I read an email from Lesley who had already opened hers. The laptop was dropped and the packages opened before I had even finished reading the email! So without further ado here are the beads I will be working with.
Da da........

I can't quite believe how well they work with each other and can't wait to get started. I was up rather early a few days ago drawing out a design, I had my eureka moment at 6.30am so had to get up and put pen to paper (5 minutes later I was prone again) I will tidy up the sketch and post my idea in a few days. I'm now off to see what delights my fellow BPB's have received. Thank you Lesley, Jo, Rebecca & Bo (Teresa) for your beautifully chosen beads.
Teresa (Bo) Hulley Bo Hulley Beads facebook page
Rebecca Anderson  Songbeads blog
Claire Braunbarth (me) Smitten Beads blog

If none of this makes sense to you then have a look at the Brit Pack Beaders Blog Hop post introducing the challenge and all will hopefully become clear.



  1. Very interesting pieces you've given yourself there Claire - is that a living sea creature? From what I've seen so far it all seems to have turned out rather well. Looking forward the the final designs.

    1. Yes Lesley, I cought it myself! I did say I wasn't too kind to myself with my own contibution! Me too, I can't wait to see what everyone makes, it will be really interesting to compare how similar or different! they may be.