Sunday, 18 November 2012

2nd Challenge reveal

Our second  challenge inspired  by The Red Rose & the White Rose by Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh was set by Rebecca Anderson, a bit of genius jewellery designer IMHO and boy did she pick a fantastic but seriously difficult image. I've hummed and hawed and changed my mind over and over, tweaked and rejigged until I lost the will to bead! Much as I love being a part of the fab five I do feel the pressure to come up with something a little bit clever each time and as any of you jewellery makers know, creativity can rarely be forced but can sometimes be coaxed! In both challenges I've tried my darndest to use as many of the components as possible and not to bring in too many extra bits however this time I did sneak in the infamous rustic pearls, a bit of a hit this year with the (Facebook group) 'Bead Smitten'. I also like to make something for each challenge, I'm the only one of the group who no longer makes either components or jewellery as my primary beading income but I do like to try and fit in, so this time the chiffon roses are my contribution. There were a couple of firsts for me in this project - waxed linen cord, part of Lesley's stringing lot and what a fantastic medium it is to use... I can't believe I haven't used it before but I will definitely be giving it another go soon. My second first is yet to come - I plan to use some liver of sulphur gel on the silver beaded necklace to tie in the wire with Jo's lovely components.... as per usual I didn't quite get the time to finish so I'll let you know how it goes, My Mum has earmarked this piece for her Christmas present so fingers crossed I will get around to it.

A reminder of the stunning painting - image courtesy of - The Hunterian, University of Glasgow 2012

A quick reminder of the components from - Lesley, Rebecca, Me, Jo & Bo!

I'm sure I'm not supposed to say this but we are revealing rather later than planned this time. It's that time of year for most of us, busy designing, making and running back and forth to the post office in preparation for the festive season, I'm sure it really does get earlier every year! Our apologies to the thousands... okay hundreds... oh alright tens of you who have been waiting for us to reveal. I hope it was worth the wait. xx

Necklace no. 1
I wanted to create something delicate for my main design, pulling inspiration from the subtleties and fine detail in the painting. I've used Jo's silver components and most of the accent beads along with the silk chiffon which I fashioned into a hopefully suitable MacIntosh style rose. It's quite a simple idea but rather time consuming to make as I decided to use silver wire and wire wrap each bead rather then string them all together.

Necklace no. 2
This was the piece that took most of the hum-ing and ha-ing - should it be a bracelet or a necklace and which of Bo's ceramic pieces to use and then dilemma of dilemmas where exactly to put Rebecca's clasp for best effect. After about 30 different layouts all photographed and compared this was the best combination... I hope :0)

A lot of argh's, grrrr's, oh's a fair few hurumph's went into this, with finally a hurrah and a phew! I hope I have done the beautiful components justice, thank you BPB yet again for the beautiful contributions and inspiration. I can't wait to see what beauties lay in wait on your blogs....

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Claire xx