Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Brit Pack Beaders challenge 3 - The Reveal

Despite the beautiful beads and colour inspiration of this challenge it has proved a remarkably tricky one for me. Unfortunately I have been without mojo for quite a while now, whether my creative energy has all be used up running Smitten or I'm just not in the making mood I'm not sure. I had one idea and one only so rather than try to force the creativity I've gone with it. No rocket science in this one just reusing some techniques picked up over the last year. Now I know that all sounds a bit gloomy so I should point out that I have really enjoyed the making, I'm sure I've said before that I rarely get the chance to sit down and create. And never fear - I am on the hunt for the elusive mojo, I'm searching all over the place for inspiration even in music. My husband recently found an ap? for millions of internet radio stations and I'm on a bit of a mission to find the best ones to work's radio adventure is - Alternative Rock stations!... I'm searching the waves, writing this blog and finishing my design all at the same time so I wonder if there will be an edgy feel to my finished piece? The radio station I am currently listening to has just asked me if I would like to find out how to get waisted while at work with no one else finding out?!... Shocked?... I was!...I wonder if neurophen for a frozen shoulder counts ;)

Here's the link to the component reveal blog..Artwork and component reveal, a reminder of our inspiration, a group shot of the beads we each sent/recieved and an image of my initial design mock up

So that was yesterday and this is today..another day another radio station (something a little more ambient and chilled today).

Et voila, the finished piece a bracelet and a pair of earrings (almost there). I've split up Bo's clasp and will be using the beautiful ceramic part another day. The bracelet has been designed around Pippa's lovely flower and the metal part of the clasp. I've introduced some terracotta peanut beads and two Vintaj copper leaves but other than that everything else was part of the challenge. The stringing material is the waxed cord sent by Rebecca and all the other beads were from Joanne.

The earrings are a work in progress, I've used some more of the Irish waxed linen cord the two bronze pmc rigs made by Lesley, some more of those peanuts, finished of with two of the Czech glass fire polished gemstone donuts sent by Joanne. 

Lastly I'm planning a brooch with Bo's lovely ceramic piece, one of the bronze drops 
and a crystal wrapped ring. 

So there we go. Thank you to Lesley, Bo, Joanne & Rebecca for the gorgeous beads sent and to Pippa for making my contribution. I hope you like my makes. I'm off to continue my radio search and pack more beads to send out to my customers, see you in a couple of months for the next challenge.

Please pop over to see what the other ladies have created...

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Brit Pack Beaders - Challenge three

March! March! I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog. There is a saying 'if you want something done then ask a busy person' well who ever came up with that one was crackers, on behalf of all busy people can I just's not true! ;)

Considering that it's been so long I'm very glad that I have a great topic to blog about :)'s that time again, BPB challenge time! This time the challenge was set by Teresa (Bo) Hulley who has picked a painting with gorgeously rich colours as our inspiration.

For any new readers/followers here's a quick recap of the BPB challenge explained by our esteemed leader Lesey Watt - The Brit Pack Beaders


Lets crack on here is Bo's theme for our 3rd challenge....Mariana by Dante Gabrielle Rosetti


The painting was inspired by the opening of Act IV of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure and has the inscription 'Take, O take, those lips away' inscribed on the frame. The painting features Jane Morris - wife of William, the Page Boy was modelled by Willie Graham whose father commissioned the picture.

Teresa herself best describes why she choose this painting "I first saw it at Aberdeen Art Gallery many years ago, probably before I had heard of the Rossetti family and their links to William Morris. I remember the richness, colour and texture of the dress vividly - I really wanted to reach out and touch it. I am fascinated by the links between two incredibly talented families and am also a huge admirer of the life and works of William Morris."

The beautiful blues and burnt orange are what jumped out at me so for my focal bead I commissioned Pippa Chandler to make us a hopefully polymer clay piece.....

...and here are the beautiful contributions from my fellow BPB's

From Bo....

From Lesley...

From Rebecca....

 From Jo....

So this is what we have to play with.....

Now we all have to pop off and make something delicious with our beads (I've already started). Our challenge reveal is set for the July 31st. I hope you will come back to see what we have created... in the mean time enjoy the sun!

Links to all the BPBs.....