Sunday, 6 April 2014

April Open House


We are holding two really interesting classes this year at the Open house, both of which are more than half full already! But if you would like to join us here is a little information.....

We have two fabulous teachers lined up... Charlotte Rosser from Wild Strawberry Designs and Rebecca Anderson from Songbead and The Curious Bead Shop. There has been such a great response to the classes already, even before I had advertised the details customers were asking to be signed up. Thankfully we do have about 4 or 5 spaces left in each class so if you are interested please get in touch asap.........However, please, please do read the information underneath before you contact me to book, we want you to make sure that the classes are right for you. I am asking for payment via PayPal at the time of booking to ensure your place. 

Each class will have a maximum of 12 students and will last approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours, all the materials are included and the specialist tools will be provided for you to use (you will need to bring flat and round nose pliers for the Deco Rose class).

Class fee - £15
Teacher  - Rebecca Anderson

 Friday 25th - 1.30pm
Saturday 26th - 11am
Classes will start promptly please make sure you arrive half an hour early.

We aim for you to complete at least one clasp maybe two and to learn how they can be embellished with tiny beads. You will be using antique finish copper wire as we are unable to use raw copper and age it during the class (it's a bit too smelly). However Rebecca will be happy to explain the process to you. Wire and small beads for embellishment will be supplied. Bail making pliers, hammers and blocks will be provide but you may need to share with your neighbour (If you have your own please feel free to bring them with you) For this class you will need to bring your own round nose and flat nose pliers (contact me if this is not possible I'm sure we can sort something out). We suggest that you mark your own tools before arrival so that they don't get mixed up with ours.

NB. You are free to remake the deco rose clasps for resale within your own jewellery, but not as a single item ie. you may make one and use it in a bracelet to sell but not the clasp by itself.  We ask that you please give credit to Rebecca Anderson as designer if using this design within your jewellery. The instruction sheets are for your own personal use and we ask that you do not reproduce them for resale or distribution in any way.

RIZO SEA URCHIN (and beaded bead)
Class Fee - £15
Teacher - Charlotte Rosser

Friday 25th - 11 am
Classes will start promptly so please make sure you arrive half an hour early

During this class you will learn to make at least one Sea urchin bead using seed beads and Rizo beads plus another beaded bead design if there is time. Each student will have their own little pack of coordinating beads to work from. Beading needles, bead mats and thread will be provided. Instruction sheets will also be provided for each bead design. 

NB. You are welcome to use the skills you have learnt in whatever way you would like but we ask that you do not reproduce the instruction sheets for resale or distribution in any way.

If you would like more information or to book onto either of the classes please email me (Claire) at:  

I look forward to hearing from you.