Friday, 29 March 2013

Bead Smitten Earring Competition

I thought I would take a little time out today from getting ready for the BIG BEAD SHOW at Sandown Racecourse (yes I am working over the Easter weekend) to tell you about our fantastic earring competition that took place last weekend over in the Beads Smitten Group on Facebook.

The brief was fairly simple - Make a pair of earrings and if they happen to have some Smitten beads in there then extra brownie points will be awarded. The earrings were judged on a) Buy-ability: would I buy them. b) Wear-ability: how practical are they. c) The wow factor: speaks for itself really. d) Finishing: how well the piece has been made. e) (last but not least) Design: the overall look of the piece.

I was absolutely gobsmacked at how good all the entries were and the task of judging was truly testing! We had 28 superb entries but the wining earrings had just that little something extra that made them stand out. We have 80 members in the group now and I have to say it's so friendly, helpful and creative I could never have imagined it would take off so well. I am so happy to be a part of it, the next competition will be rings!

Here is the winning design by by Manda Jane Rodwell of Silver Storm Jewellery - created in copper and featuring one of my favourite Smitten beads the ruby vega pinwheel flower.... Manda sold these before the competition was even over but luckily she has promised to make me another pair :0) I'm sending Manda a little parcel of Smitten loveliness as her prize.

Here are all of the other stunning entries....

Emma Louise Quinn 

Debbie Sullivan

Jayne Hussey

Heidi Post

Lyn Gulliver

Katie Jayne Floate

Christina Gray

Catherynne Kessell

Lindsay Philipson

Jan Williams

Teressa Hulley

Debi Riley

Di Keeble

Nicola Smith

Lucy Haslam

Keeley Kenyon

Ailsa Jackson

Monica Scala

Shiela Garrett

Leigh Thow

Claire Lockwood

Rejetta Sellers

Marianne Hall

Bernadette Hamilton

Claire Swain

Julie Sumner

Denise Badi

So there you are all the fantastic entries pretty darn good hey!
Thank you everyone


  1. :) And i was gobsmacked to have won.........There were so many truly gorgeous entries!!!! LOVE the group, love the competitions.....always great fun!

    M x

  2. Wow, what a lot of talent there is in this group!

  3. So many great entries well done everyone!

  4. On behalf of my people ;0) Thank you xx

  5. Everyone deserved a pat on the back for this little competition and especially Manda for them winning Earrings....simply stunning!
    Thoroughly enjoyed entering this competition but as the next one is rings I am not great on them so not yet decided whether I will be entering that one....
    Thanks Claire for being such a wonderful bead supplier and this group is truly the best thing I have ever done on Facebook!

  6. Thank you Emma, glad you are enjoying the group and the competition.....Go on live dangerously! Have a go at the ring one :0) xx