Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Brit pack Beaders 1st challenge... the designs

My apologies, I am officially tardy! This week has been non stop and there still is no stop! Friday is my Smitten Beads Open House, I'm in a complete muddle and only have 2 days to go so wish me luck! As a result I am late posting, late finishing & have no words prepared! So, I will be adding all the nitty gritty of the design process next week. But here without further ramble are my 2 finished pieces and 2 more works in progress. I hope you like. I'm now off for a quick peak at my fellow Brit pack beaders designs. Then back to tidying, pricing and generally running around like a headless chicken until I drop!

I will just quickly add a big thank you to Lesley for the idea and the other BPB for such a great challenge I can't remember the last time I enjoyed doing something quite so much!

Teresa (Bo) Hulley Bo Hulley Beads facebook page
Rebecca Anderson  Songbeads blog
Claire Braunbarth (me) Smitten Beads blog

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Blog Hop reveal

Sorry everyone we've had to jiggle the date of the Brit Pack Beaders Blog Hop reveal -We will now be posting all our designs on........

2 pieces already made and I'm working on the last today whilst watching more GB medals being won. Today is a good day!!!