Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A Cornish Inspiration Part 3

The Designs

So here we go then... here is how the images of the beautiful Cornish countryside swirled around in my brain and emerged as pieces of jewellery. Most of the jewellery I've made over the last year has been designed with either antique brass or copper but as we have some lovely antique silver plated beads on the website I decided to go back to using it for most of the pieces I made in Cornwall. 90% of the components I've used can be found on the Smitten website. I did however take a few Artisan beads with me made by some of my very talented beading friends, I've popped links in the descriptions for these where used.

Beachcomber Bracelet
My first piece really was a combination of all the colours and shapes from my holiday and I think it's the one I'm most pleased with.

A Tranquil Moment
I've been waiting for a chance to use some of the tiny 3mm pressed glass rounds and the gorgeous sari silk we sell, I've teamed it up with two metals (I love mixing copper and silver) but this time I've gone with antique silver and the antique silver grey.

Retreating Tide
I'm so pleased with this necklace as it incorporates so many of my favourite beads, the inspiration came from the millions of mussels we saw at all the beaches we went to. The Dark River lentils reminded me of the mussels in the image and everything else is a bit of a seaweed homage - The red Irish waxed cord (red seaweed), the bead frames with fizgig centre (seaweed pods) and the oh, oh, oh so lovely new JBB clasp as it also reminded me of seaweed pods. I've split the clasp and used the tulip part as a pendant and teamed the hook up with a simple silver ring.

A Curious Find
I spotted the little pile of stones in the picture above carefully placed by an earlier visitor to Bedruthen Steps, a photo op that had to be taken. I've used the plum fairy sari silk, antique brass wire, dark copper and a Vintaj component along with some of the gorgeous tiny 1x2mm crystals. The beautiful handmade Rose Clasp (thank you Rebecca) and the pressed glass flowers are from one of my favourite shops The Curious Bead Shop. I plan to add a strand of peanut beads to the sari silk but I'm still trying to decide which colour to use.

Along the Sea Shore
One of the things I wanted to do while on holiday was make some pieces up with the Antique silver grey components and our new honey yellow resin beads, I can't really say this one was inspired by the sea shore but rather the idea formed along with the others designs as I was walking along this beautiful beach.

Flotsam & Jetsam
Everything in this one is from Smitten except the beautiful lamp work bead by Rita from Avalon Designs and the gorgeous lace which is from my own collection of lace and ribbons. I changed the designs about 10 times before I felt that I had got it right!...although I may still stain the lace to be more seaweed coloured.

Well there we are then. If you would like to know more about any of the beads I've used please feel free to get in touch here, on facebook or via the website.

Next on Smitten....
I've already written my next post, actually I wrote it last Christmas but a little too late for posting. Christmas decorations are the topic which will coincide beautifully with the Christmas ornament swap that's currently going on in the Bead Smitten facebook Group.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my holiday.


  1. Simply stunning Claire. All these pieces are works or art in themselves and a beautiful reflection of scenes from your holiday. Just love how you interpret colours, shapes and textures and yet still come up with a very wearable piece of jewellery. I am in admiration!

    1. Thank you Helen :) I've discovered since starting the Brit Pack Beaders challenges that I work better when I have something to inspire me and the photo's just did the trick. Glad you liked it and thanks for the lovely comments. x

  2. Beautiful photos and beautiful jewellery - thanks for sharing!

  3. What wonderful designs, Claire... obviously your holiday was a fabulous source of inspiration!

  4. Thank you Monique, I have to say it really helped I had been having a very uninspired time of late, it was just what the Doctor ordered :)

  5. I so enjoyed all your photos---what a spectacular area! I also loved all your jewelry creations---all beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Lynn, it is a truly beautiful place and easy to be inspired :)

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  7. I always enjoy reading your blog. You're a multi-talented lady. I love your beautiful pictures and love your gorgeous jewellery.

    1. Thank you Janine, right back at you my lovely :)

  8. What gorgeous designs and stunning photographs.