Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Bead Smitten July Challenge

AKA - To clay or not to clay Bird be the challenge!

I'm sure I've mentioned before the wonderful bunch of ladies that are the Bead Smitten! Our lovely little (115 strong) facebook beaders groups for Smitten Customers. Every so often I set the ladies a little challenge, a pack of pretties to create with what they will! You may have read my blog a while back about our fabulous Earring Challenge. Well this time the challenge was a cracker with 2 choices of pack both including an exquisitely made polymer clay component from the ever wonderful Pippa Chandler.

Here are the two packs which our ladies were able to pick from....

Needless to say all the ladies who took part in this challenge excelled themselves, there really were some breathtaking entries and I was rather overwhelmed with the workmanship and imagination that went into the designs. In no particular order here are the 29 stunning entries. There was a prize up for grabs for the top 3 designs which were voted for and by the group. You will see a collage of the winners at the bottom.
Prepare to be impressed.....

Catherynne Henderson
 Debbie Sullivan
 Tracy Collins
 Christine Gray
 Sharon Kamil
 Claire Lockwood
 Eileen Mather
 Helen Bowen
 Sheila Garrett
 Julie Sumner
 Jan Williams
 Leigh Thow
 Suhana Hussain
 Lucy (RB) Haslam
 Karen Howard
 Charlotte Rosser
 Ellen Lambrix
 Emily Smith
 Debi Riley
 Sam Grainger
 Lindsay Philipson
 Isabel Platten
 Janine Lucas
 Glenys Gibson
 Tanya Elliott
 Bernadette Hamilton
 Ailsa Jackson
 Rebecca Anderson
 Gillian Snape

Seriously......How stunning were they!

Now I guess you would like to know how we all voted? 
Here you go then the three oh so worthy winners...

From left to right 
In 1st place Charlotte Rosser - 2nd Lucy Haslam - 3rd Janine Lucas

The next Beads Smitten Challenge is already in the pipeline so keep an eye on the blog to find out all about it. In the mean time if you would like to have a go at one of the Smitten challenge packs follow the link below to take you to the website where you can peruse our range :) Challenge Packs

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  1. Wow! so many beautiful peices, I certainly wouldn't be able to choose a favourite.