Saturday, 24 August 2013

Preparing for the Smitten Open House

Scaling the Fabric Mountain - the destash begins!

It all started a long long time ago in a small city far far away (well about 15 miles anyway)...Before Smitten Beads, there was Smitten Accessories. My little shop in Bath, where I used to sell my handmade bags, cushions, throws, jewellery, cards and a fair few other bits and bobs. I ran the shop for 7 years and I can't tell you how many bracelets, necklaces and handbags I made in that time, but each year as the shop got busier I made less and less and bought more and more in from other designers and manufacturers, always trying to buy British where I could. When the day came to close the shop I sold most of the stock off in a grand closing down sale, but I kept some of the more interesting things we had back from the sale as I intended to carry on selling on line. However as the Smitten Beads website got busier and busier I found that all the lovely stock I had kept was just sitting in boxes along with all my fabrics, trimmings and beads that have not managed to make it onto the website.

Here's my little shop...

Now do you remember this, my very very large stash of fabric, trimmings, papers and faux fur.  As you can see I have boxes and boxes of the stuff....

Well on Thursday my long suffering (she's been helping me in one way or another since the shop began) and very understanding (her stash is almost the same size as mine) Mum came over to Bristol to help me start the mammoth destash....We sorted and sifted, tidied and trimmed and so the fabric mountain was conquered! We managed to sort through about 20 large boxes of fabric and a very large box of beads and various craft items.

Here is a little taster of the items to be destashed at the Open house, I'm dedicating a whole room to the discontinued and sale items so there will be some serious bargains to bag........

Fabrics & trimmings - Mostly furnishing weight for cushions and light upholstery plus huge amounts of very good quality faux fur and suede fabric.....all at a fraction of the original wholesale price, most will be £2 - £4 per metre. 

Hand made and Scrapbook papers going for a song.

I also have a few weird and wonderful craft items such as boxes of wooden slices! 
I'm destashing my large jewellery display stands

I also have a few leather, suede and fabric handbags left which will all be going for half price or less.

Hand printed shopping bags and purses, felted vases! And a few table cloths/throws/towels

Jewellery, mostly silver including some men's cuff links.

Last but not least, I have piles of craft coloured jewellery necklace boxes at trade price. 

And obviously lots and lots and lots of beads! 

There's still loads more to sort through but hopefully I will be ready and tidy for the 5th. Don't forget the Open house is invitation only so please get in touch via here, facebook or our website if you would like to go on the guest list.

Hope to see you there
Claire x

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